This is the RENEWAL notification you have been waiting for.

In order to simplify this process, we just require you to complete the Renewal Agreement slip (see below) and return to Jane either by email or post depending on your method of payment.

Firstly, and most importantly, please click here to view a blank version of the membership and Gift Aid forms you will have completed at the last renewal day in March 2019 or more recently if you are one of our newer members. These do NOT have to be completed this time, but it is vital that you tell us of any changes to your contact details, Gift Aid status, emergency contacts etc – there is provision for this on the Renewal Agreement slip (see below).

It really is essential that you read these through to remind yourself of the Terms and Conditions of membership, that you are aware of the rules we adhere to with regard to the security of the information we hold, which include our privacy and data protection.

Nothing has changed since you last agreed to these terms and conditions of membership

If you do not want to renew your membership please contact Jane, so we can amend our records.

Now, decide how you wish to pay.

We have reduced our fee for this year, to reflect the current situation, every organisation has overheads to cover and SMU3A is no different in this respect.

£10.00 per person per year (1st May-30th April) or £5.00 per half year (1st November-30th April) to include running costs. Our monthly Newsletter will be sent by email. If you want a copy posted to you a £12 annual fee applies.

If you wish to pay by BANK TRANSFER, all the details are shown on the Renewal Agreement slip (see below) and then just email the completed permission slip to Jane.

If you wish to pay by CHEQUE, either send your cheque and a printed and completed Renewal Agreement slip to Jane or just send your cheque (name and address on the back please) and email the completed agreement slip to Jane.

Jane Burman
07766236597 (preferred phone contact number)
01749 342924

6 Carlton Court,
Princes Road,
Shepton Mallet,


If you have any difficulty or problem, please contact one of the Committee below and they will do their best to help.

Maggie Fowle    01749 344961

Maggie Hardy    0776 7765169

Julia Goddard    01749 823089

Liz Nash              01749 345914

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email and later a confirmation of receipt of payment. This may take us some time, but if you are worried then do please get in touch. Membership cards will be issued but this is not a priority. Once we have updated our records, we will arrange for these to be distributed at a suitable time in the future.

Please can you renew as soon as you can, ideally by Monday MAY 4th

THANK YOU                          

The Committee continue to appreciate your help and support

Liz Nash

Renewal Agreement Slip 2020 – electronic version (preferred)

Renewal Agreement Slip 2020 – printable version

Renewal Agreement Slip 2020 – editable version