After a scare that I had the wrong day, it was put right with a phone call to the Hinkley office. We set off at 8am, reaching the Visitor Centre in Bridgwater about 9.15 and were greeted by the staff, with cups of coffee and tea.

We all sat in a conference room, whilst Hinkley Power Station was explained. They also took us through Health & Safety, very important on the tour. We then all got back in our Avalon Coach with Jerry and proceeded to Hinkley itself; passing Hinkley C construction site on the way.

On arrival we were given red helmets, ear plugs, hi-vis jackets and goggles. Security was very tight and we had to show our passports etc. and leave our belongings in the coach, handbags too!

We were taken to the entrance, with explanations as we went up 10 floors in the lift, until we were able to actually look down on to the reactor itself. Amazing to think where we were standing. The tour guides were explaining the workings all though the different corridors, where there were pictures etc for us to follow.

At the end of the tour, we all stood for a photo, as you can see.

On the way home we stopped at The Puriton Inn for a pre-ordered buffet lunch, which was outstanding, sorry to say we couldn’t manage to eat it all.

We reached Shepton at around 4pm. Happy and home safely!

Janet Murray


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Trip to Hinkley Point