Members of the U3A can join any number of interest groups, although there may be a waiting list in some groups because of limitations caused by size.

The group leader is usually someone with a strong interest in the topic, but they do not do all the work! In some groups, individual members are encouraged to research topics and tell other members what they have found out. In others, all the members participate in a joint activity.

Group activities are at the heart of what the U3A tries to do. A summary table of group activities is shown below. Details of our present groups may be found in the list on the right. Click on any item in the list to see more details.

*Bridge sessions now on a weekly basis, every Tuesday afternoon commencing 2pm in the Village Hall, Doulting.

** Strollers please note your new arrangements to meet at Dobbies, leave there at 1.45pm to arrive at your destination for 2pm.

The above chart represents the usual meeting dates for groups. The actual dates may vary.  The Play Reading Group meets fortnightly at 10am on a Monday morning and Writing For Pleasure Group meets fortnightly at 2pm on a Thursday. They do not appear on the above chart.  You should contact group leaders for confirmation of dates.