Shepton Mallet u3a’s charity status requires that it is a benefit to all members, therefore you are all invited to take part in the first annual membership survey.

As a member of Shepton Mallet u3a (SMu3a) you can access a wide range of groups and activities throughout the year and, if you wish to, become further involved as a group leader or committee member.

It would be helpful to know who you are, what you do and what you would like to do more of!

To thank you for completing the survey, you will be entered into a draw to win a mystery prize!

To complete the survey there are also paper copies available from group leaders/committee members. Please complete as many sections as you can.

Paper copies can be returned to a group leader or committee member by 27th February 2023.
SMu3a is keen to grow the number of active members and groups available. How many SMu3a groups and activities do you currently attend?
What sort of new groups would you like to attend? (please specify below)
What speaker subjects would you enjoy at the monthly meeting?
How do you get to SMu3a groups and activities? (Tick all that apply)
Could you offer lifts to members attending your SMu3a groups and activities?
Do you have any access issues at SMu3a groups and activity venues?
Are there any groups that you DO NOT attend due to lack of transport?
Please share any comments below:
How do you find information about SMu3a?
(Tick all that apply below)
Please share any comments below:
Computers, Laptops and Smartphones
(Tick all that apply)
Would you like information or support to use the above more confidently?
Outings Where would YOU like to go and what would encourage YOU to join an outing?
I enjoy the following:
(Tick all that apply)
My maximum budget is: (NB cost is dependent on numbers, transport and distance!)
Currently Dobbies is the start point for trips with an option for a Town Centre pick up point. Does this suit you?
About you
Nearly done. Thank you for getting this far. To find out a little about you please tell us: How long have you been an SMu3a member?
Your age bracket?
Please share any comments, compliments or concerns about your SMu3a experiences below:
Thank you for completing the survey. To be entered in the prize draw please add your email address below:
The draw will be decided at random on 28th February 2023 and the winner notified by email.
Thank you so much for completing this survey.