SMu3a February Online Speaker Meeting via Mirthy

Black Cats, New Moons & Ladders – The Origins of Superstition

Time to Register for this talk…
February 11th at 10.30am (morning coffee time?) (Speaker Sandy Leogh)

A belief in luck and fate are the key components of superstitions and that they can be controlled by various actions of human beings. Do you throw salt over your shoulder if you spill it? Know that it’s good luck if you see two magpies together; wonder if things didn’t go as planned because it was Friday 13th, and touch wood for good luck? But where did these beliefs originate?

I hope you put the date in your diary (it was in the January newsletter)? We (Committee) thought we would try ‘coffee time’ this time rather than the afternoon hoping that is more convenient to join in. 

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You could also register at the same time for the March talk ‘Mad as a Hatter’ on Thursday 11th March again at 10.30am. Click on the yellow registration tab for this talk separately.

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Also have a look at the Mirthy website itself as they offer free online talks that you can register for and some in which for a small fee you can participate in discussion. If you find any that you think SMu3a members might find interesting, please let Jane know and we could consider them for later online speaker meetings. Unfortunately, it will probably be some time before we can return to our normal speaker meeting format.

Any issues with registration etc please contact Jane. Hope you can join us on Thursday.


11 February 2021 – Online Speaker Meeting via Mirthy