Presentation of flowers and tokens to Liz Nash and Maggie Hardy

As we are now ex Chair Liz and ex Secretary Maggie, we want to thank everyone for our beautiful flowers and gift tokens which we received at the Speaker Meeting in March. It was totally unexpected, but your generosity was greatly appreciated by us both. We are anticipating many outings to book shops and garden centres to browse before wisely spending our tokens. Maggie and I joined forces after the AGM in 2018 and it was a case of learning as we went along. We endeavoured to do our best to stick to the principles and rules as best we could, so as you can imagine, we enjoyed some tasks much more than others! As always though with SMu3a, it is the friends and social connections made and developed that have given us the greatest pleasure. We wish our new Chair Janet and our new Secretary Carole every success in the future and we are sure their enthusiasm and ideas supported by a strong committee will ensure SMu3a continues to grow and thrive. With our best wishes and thanks again,

Liz and Maggie

Presentation to Liz Nash and Maggie Hardy